Risk Management Boiler and Pressure Vessels Risk Management Systems Condition Monitoring and Asset Reliability

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection and Testing Service

Piping Systems Inspection and Testing Services

Hazard Rating and Remaining Life Assessments

Pressure Relief Device Testing & Certification

Pressure Equipment

Pressure Equipment

Reliability Centred Maintenance

Risk Based Inspection Analysis

Operational and Maintenance Strategy

Job Safety & Environmental Analysis

Condition Monitoring

Predictive Analysis & Remaining Life Assessments

Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Elements

Laser Alignment.

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Risk Management

Asset Reliability

   Risk Mitigation
   Asset Integrity
   Knowledge Base
   Continuous Improvement
   System Creativity & Innovation
   Strategic Alliances
Ethics and Principles
   Consistency of actions values
   methods measures principles
   and expectation of actions.
Inspection Body
   Resource Team review, report &
   certification independent of:
       Statutory Bodies
Hazardous Plant Register
       Registered Design
          - Design Change
       Registered Plant Items
          - Data Logs
          - Ownership Change
          - Relocation / Movement
          - Removal from Service / Disposal
          - Record of Inspections

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